Gabrielle Lees

Psychotherapist | Jericho, Oxford

07846 958607

Gabrielle Lees

Psychotherapist | Jericho, Oxford

07846 958607

Thinking Together

…how can I help you?

Sessions for Young People

I offer a 4 session intervention for adolescents and young adults. This treatment can be extremely helpful at times of crisis, feeling  stuck in your thinking or arriving at a life ‘crossroads’ that you would like help to think through. I start with a one off consultation, after which you can decide if you want to book for the remaining 3.

Parenting & Family Issues

Children can be difficult to understand at times, leaving parents feeling at a complete loss. Differing parenting styles between couples can cause serious problems in families, and children’s temperaments can mean that siblings require different parenting skills. Sometimes there can be major rupture in a family when the children become adults. An ‘outside mind’ can be helpful to increase understanding and improve family relationships. Work can be with individuals, couples, family groups or parent-child.

Pre & Post Natal Work

The arrival of a new baby – or being pregnant – can be a very unsettling time and cause considerable upset to the balance of your life. I offer a 5 session intervention to help you work through birth trauma, adjusting to pregnancy or parenthood, miscarriage, fear of birth, relationship upheaval, low mood, bonding issues and managing a baby who is difficult to soothe. Fathers and couples are very welcome, and longer term work can be negotiated if necessary.

Life Cycle Adjustments

Family lifecycle changes can be disorientating, even when expected and welcome. The arrival of babies, children starting school, adolescent independence, adult children leaving home, relationship breakdown or the death of one’s own parent can all result in emotional difficulties. Thinking through the impact of these events with somebody outside of the family/friend network can help to adapt to such profound changes.

What to expect

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy assumes that we can not always know why we think or behave in the ways that we do. The process enables therapist and client to explore unconscious drives and how previous experiences and relationships have influenced current states of mind and relationship habits. This can be very helpful for troubling times in life, and assist with processing bereavement, loss and personal trauma. For any of the treatments, an initial ‘no obligationm’ consultation is offered to discuss suitability & options. My prices are as follows: £60 per session (50 mins), £200 for a 4 session young person intervention, £70 for couples or family work.

About Me

BA (hons); PG Dip (Art Psychotherapy); MA (Psychoanalytic Infant Observational Studies); DPhil Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Children, Parents and Young People

At my small, private practice in Jericho, Oxford I offer a 4-6 session intervention for adolescents, children and young adults. I also work with individuals and couples around pre and post natal issues, family relationships and parenting difficulties.

After qualifying as an Art Psychotherapist in 1993, I went on to train as a psychotherapist in the NHS (2000-2005) and I have additional training in family therapy & parent work.

I have many years of experience in the NHS in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinics (CAMHS), specialist clinics for Fostered and Adopted children, Parent-Infant and Perinatal services and clinics specialising in preschool age children.

I teach on the Oxford MA in Psychoanalytic Infant Observation Studies, at the Ann Freud Centre and am a national trainer for the Solihull Approach.

Gabrielle Lees

Psychotherapist based in Jericho, Oxford.

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£60 per session (50 mins)

£200 for a 4 session young person intervention

£70 for couples or family work